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Action taken to curb false rumors更多>>
The company has localized several mobile Chinese games in the US, including action game Speedy Ninja, action role-playing game Eternal Arena, and MMO (massively multiplayer online) game Tome of the Sun. 2020-10-8
The newspaper 21st Century Business Herald alleged on Friday that Beijing Sanyuan Food Co once bought toxic industrial gelatin from Gelita Cangnan Gelatin Co in Zhejiang province. 2020-10-14
Beijing has offered free marital checkup to people with household registration since 2009. 2020-10-27
The Exercise Aman-13 is scheduled to start in the North Arabian Sea on March 4. 2020-10-2
To prevent local officials from interfering with corruption investigations, higher-level disciplinary authorities will have the final say on the promotion of lower-level disciplinary officials, he said. 2020-10-14
Dell went private in a billion deal last year, following prolonged troubles at the computer maker. 2020-10-13
The bloody scene keeps haunting her. 2020-10-14
A news release of the meeting also said more positive factors have emerged in the Chinese economy over the past two months. 2020-10-5
Indian expats in Shanghai hail Chinas epidemic response更多>>
Its a dynamic approach as a regular drug supply and price surveillance system will lead to the introduction of new drugs to the list and also remove some others, he said. 2020-10-3
The purchasing managers index (PMI) for the non-manufacturing sector stood at 53. 2020-10-10
[The new contract] has some very specific changes built into it to reflect commercial realities and commercial changes that have happened over the course of the past couple of decades, Jackson said. 2017-5-26
The sign-up system, overwhelmed by computer problems when launched last fall, has been working much better in recent months and the website figure indicates that it was operating at full capacity on deadline day -- March 31, 2014. 2017-12-2
In the Qinghai garden at the 2014 Qingdao International Horticulture Expo, visitors can feel the unique human landscape and the beautiful natural scenery of the plateau of Qinghai. 2016-2-22
Singapore authorities have recalled six food products that are affected by the tainted cooking oil scandal in Chinas Taiwan, the food safety watchdog said Thursday. 2016-11-16
The government should set up more platforms for the public to take part in this and give more credit for such work, Deng added. 2015-10-31
During his term in office as Danish prime minister, Mr. 2017-8-30
And it is important that Chinese and US high-level officials sit down and have a decent discussion, given the current complicated situation.
SEOUL - Hyundai Motor Co unveiled a new concept car it made only for China at the Shanghai auto show on Saturday, and plans to launch the model late this year into a market that is replacing the United States and Europe as a major growth driver for the South Korean firm and its affiliate Kia Motors.
It will even breed counterfeit products.
5 degrees C above pre-industrial levels.
It will be unbearable if people keep setting off fireworks.
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We will help the institutes and classrooms integrate with the national education systems of their host countries, as well as encourage students from those countries to come to China to further their studies, Xu said.  China began monitoring air quality in 74 major cities at the beginning of 2013, and later expanded the coverage to 177 cities with 552 surveillance stations in 2014.
The new rule is part of the new five-year (2014-2018) reform plan of Chinas court system which was announced at a news conference on Thursday.  Because of the overwhelming popularity of bike sharing, existing facilities cannot meet the demand.
Thrills keep rolling in for golfer; next up, the British Open更多>>
Third, rural and low-income people find it difficult to defend their rights in environmental disputes because of lack of means. 2018-5-3 
More than 30 medical workers from the Longmen Township Hospital spent a sleepless night, keeping an eye on the injured and waiting for potential emergency cases. 2018-8-27 
SIMFEROPOL - Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev arrived in Crimea on Monday with several members of his government on the highest level visit to the Black Sea peninsula since its annexation by Moscow earlier this month. 2016-5-14 
Eleven-year-old Kunga Wangchug from Damxung county in Tibet underwent the surgery on Monday. 2016-6-19 
The Disney Town, the service area of the Shanghai Disney Resort, greeted its first batch of visitors during the May Day holiday from April 30 to May 2. 2018-9-26 
Ci said the airport is becoming a platform for exhibition, scientific research, teaching and aviation security. 2018-9-31 
A ceremony marks the first day Bei Hai Jiu 203, Chinas new fast rescue vessel, was put into action at Zhifu Island, Yantai, Shandong province, on July 1, 2013. 2018-6-23 
  Rules, norms offer double security更多>>
On Jan 1 in Shanghai, 1,330 couples got married, up from 800 couples on the same day in 2013. 2018-3-10 
Such bad weather has lasted four to five days in previous years, but will last longer this year, said Wang. 2017-4-19 
The 60-year-old was the only person nominated. 2019-7-11 
Romanias political crisis deepened on Friday after a key government ally said an emergency decree that would dilute the governments anti-corruption fight was not constitutional. 2016-8-28 
Although many large retailers are interested in the idea, to convert them to this new model takes tremendous time and budgets, Bodycote says. 2018-3-5 
Enteromorpha is marine plants that flourish near shallow coastal areas in June and July. 2016-9-23 
BEIJING - Data released Sunday by Chinas railway authorities showed that train trips on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway had topped 200 million. 2017-5-15 
Aerial view of Tianmen Mountain in Hunan更多>>
Edgar Snow (1905-72) Edgar Snow was a journalist from the United States who became famous for his reports on the revolution led by the Chinese Communist Party the best-known is his book Red Star over China. 2015-2-27 
Should the 19-year-old Canadian fail to chart a new music-focused course soon, he could go the way of actress Lindsay Lohan and countless other young stars who rose to fame only to have promising careers come unhinged by their personal lives. 2016-12-21 
Muslims leave Dongguan Mosque after gathering to celebrate the Eid al-Fitr which marks the end of Ramadan at Dongguan Mosque in Xining, capital of Northwest Chinas Qinghai province, July 17, 2015. 2019-2-31 
Feng Haiqing, an official from the health bureau of Shannan, the Tibet autonomous region, said the government of the autonomous region started a campaign to provide medical treatment for people under 18 with congenital heart disease. 2017-4-21 
Statistics show that many white-collar workers tend to change their jobs if they hardly have any chances to be promoted or to have their pay increase after working for one to two years, it said. 2018-1-6 
China and Sri Lanka have agreed to boost bilateral ties including marine cooperation, dispelling suggestions that the new government is distancing itself from Beijing. 2019-1-31 
He urged tech companies to further tighten safeguards and called on people like the attendees at the annual festival to step up to help protect the publics privacy. 2016-3-24 
In October Australian, New Zealand and Chinese navies conducted training for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. 2018-10-29 
  China to build national social credit system更多>>
Everyone should learn from Lei Feng, he says. 2019-10-25 
The Ministry of Public Security announced on Sunday that it had confiscated 77 million tainted capsules in Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Hebei provinces, arrested nine suspects, detained 54 people and sealed 80 manufacturing lines. 2018-5-11 
In recent years, a growing number of such violations have occurred across the country, drawing attention from the public and media, observers said. 2019-7-7 
Marines of the both countries will also take part in various socializing events such as sports and historical tours to increase familiarity, Williams said. 2015-4-30 
No country can sustain an economic boom forever, and China has realized yearly growth of more than 10 percent in gross domestic product (GDP) for over three decades, said Yu Bin, head of macro economics at the research center. 2018-12-31 
Visitors take a look at a lighting products made by Zhongshan Kinglong Lighting Co Ltd in Guzhen township, Guangdong province, Nov 11, 2015. 2017-1-8 
But sailing is more in the spotlight than any other sport in Qingdao. 2018-12-4 
In the future, we will add more imported food, fresh food and own-label products, Dai said. 2018-10-18 
Personal tragedy inspires choreographers creation更多
Chinese language school opens in Kyrgyz capital更多
  When Xi went to the province in 1988 at the age of 35, the prefecture had a per capita GDP of 8 (173 euros). XINING - Twenty-one people were killed and three others remain missing after a rainstorm-triggered flood in Northwest Chinas Qinghai province, said local authorities on Wednesday. For more on this, were now joined in the studio by my colleague Zhong Shi. Provided to China DailyWhat would you buy if you became very rich? A luxurious mansion, a private jet, perhaps a Rolls-Royce?They are not priorities for motorcycle veteran Zhao Xuhong. Long-term use of the pesticide on other crops may leave residue in the water and soil, said Dong Hongyan, an official with the Ministry of Agriculture.
  Trees heave with fruit. As many as 20 pharmaceutical firms are registered in the region and produce more than 360 kinds of Tibetan medicines, selling to the rest of China and beyond. Passengers are likely to pay twice as much as they used to for subways in Beijing, according to two fare adjustment plans released on Monday. China is going to be a very powerful, very rich, very influential country in our region, and were going to have to learn how to deal with it, White told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Tuesday.